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Moving Company Packing List

Tips to make your move a little easier.


Packing Tips

  • Gather boxes in all sizes from friends, neighbors, and stores.
  • Collect cushioning material such as bubble wrap, foam pellets, furniture pads, old 
  • blankets, plastic bags, tissue paper, newspapers, and small towels to use as padding inside 
  • boxes.
  • Create a “portable packing kit” with marking pens, a tape measure, packing tape, twine, and 
  • scissors. Carry it with you as you pack up items around your home.
  • Reinforce the bottom of boxes with extra tape for added strength.
  • Label each box with the name of the room in your new home where it should be placed.
  • List the contents of the box on the side of it.
  • Number the boxes and keep a list of which boxes go in which room in your new home.
  • Label boxes containing fragile items with large red lettering.
  • Place china in plastic bags and stack plates upright on their sides, not flat. 
  • Pack your TV, stereo, and computer in their original boxes whenever possible. 
  • Keep boxes to 50 pounds or less. 
  • Pack heavy items into their own smaller boxes and place lighter items together into larger
  • boxes. (Don't pack all your books into one box!)
  • Don’t move flammable, combustible, corrosive, or explosive items such as paint, gasoline, and 
  • ammunition.

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General Moving Tips

  1. Disconnect and bundle cords on television and stereo components. Label each cord with 
  2. masking tape and a description of where to connect it.
  3. Plan and measure where your furniture will be placed in your new home. It’s helpful to draw 
  4. a layout of your new home and sketch in the major furniture pieces.
  5. To save time on moving day, move your boxes from the basement, upstairs, or attic to the  
  6. main floor prior to the move date. Consider carrying items from the back yard to the front
  7. yard or garage ahead of time.
  8. Keep your phone connected through moving day to stay in touch with friends, family,  moving company

Let the purging begin.

 Go through each room in your house and start separating your belongings. Keep it, donate it, or toss it. A garage sale is also a great way to get rid of things you don’t need, especially the big-ticket items. 

Transfer school records.

  If you have children, call their school(s) to switch their information to the new school. Things like report cards, standardized tests, medical records, and a list of their extracurricular activities. 

Research moving companies.

 Do some online research on moving companies in your area. It’s a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies and choose the one you feel the most confident in. 

Notify important providers.

 Begin calling your utility and cable providers to let them know you’ll either be closing out their services or transferring them (if available) to your new address. Also alert your bank, pharmacy, credit card companies, insurance providers, and publications you subscribe to of the change in address. 

Order (or find) supplies.

 Use up food that you don’t want to move, particularly perishables. Try to plan to have nothing left in your fridge, freezer, or pantry come moving services day. 

 Confirm moving plans. 

  Contact your moving companies to verify the day, time, address, and parking 

situation with them. 


Pack an essentials kit. Fill a box, suitcase, or bag with things you’re going to need immediately during and after your move. Things like paper products, utensils, light bulbs, a tool box, trash bags, etc. Keep it with you during the move.

Measure furniture and doorways. Keep a tape measure out to make sure large furniture will fit through your doors and down staircases.

Keep important documents handy. Documents related to movers, travel, purchases, and your old and new house should be at the ready as the move transpires.

Do a final sweep. Remove everything from your fridge and freezer, and give each a thorough clean. Check every other room and closet to make sure all your belongings are now packed away.

Make it easy for your movers. Create walkways, identify fragile items, and be as present as you can when your items are being loaded. You’ll be able to confirm everything’s accounted for and be there to answer any  questions.